You think the manga Anne Magomago no Tosho Land manages to be translated? psdt: sorry but my English is not perfect T.T
- neko2101998


I hope it will be translated, even an informal translation will do.

As of now somebody volunteered to translate but it had already been two months and still no sign of them. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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- Anonymous


It’s An no Magomago Tosho Land.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for translators.

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Hotaru brought past (and alive) Natsume to the present and present (but dead) Natsume to the past, but what about past Mikan? She now has the dead Natsume, do we just assume that the past Hotaru does the same thing that present Hotaru does for present Mikan for the past Mikan? Okay, that probably didn't make any sense. Time travel is so confusing... >_<
- Anonymous

The dead body of Natsume is now lost in time so it doesn’t mean his corpse was brought back to the past.

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Hello!! Hey, I was wondering where do you get the scans in the "post ending" of Gakuen Alice, bc I wanted to see the kiss on the grass, but I couldn't find it! Do you know where I can read?
- sky-alaska


There’s no translated version of those post-ending (epilogue) scans. Only the Japanese RAW is available.

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Natsume will always be Natsume

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Frozen Secrets by Wendy402


Yes, I am advertising my story because I love readers. :Pimage

Name: Frozen Secrets

Anime: Gakuen Alice

Pairing: KokoXMikan


Everyone has secrets. Kokoroyomi is no different. No one has ever known who he is and where he’s from. Those secrets are never to be told, and never to be known. Perhaps…they will finally be leaked.

OMG this ship never crossed my mind but reading your fanfic… now I’m on board. Koko X Mikan? Let’s sail it!

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How do you clean mangacaps? What software are you using? :)
- Anonymous

I use Adobe Photoshop CC, mate.

Though I only have downloadable for Photoshop Cs6. Do you want a link?

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ANMTL’s Characters

The Izumi/Shiki look alike tho

SCANS © Icarus Bride Scanlation
special thanks to sammy-goddess

I swear to god.

Either I am hallucinating or my eyes arent working properly.

But, all I see are all the Gakuen Alice characters….but older and more advanced.

You cant blame me. She made an amazing, heart wrecking, legendary manga and then ended it. Then she comes back with a new series. With look alike characters.

Like come on. Why couldn’t you just make a sequel to GA.

Save me all them feels and emotions. T-T

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Izumi x Yuka Week | Day #5: death or smile

Notes: sat next to each other on a roller coaster AU

by: bi3n3nstich

Read More

Can’t help the upward tugging of my lips.

Izumi has always been Yuka’s light through the darkness. /grins

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'My Biggest Dream'
Izumi x Yuka Week | Day #4: Family
by natsumeislove

This is beautiful. So beautiful.

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Big Explosion.


You know I just realized, during Ep 4 of Gakuen Alice, the one where Mikan had to go to the Northern Woods to figure out her alice and then Natsume came and decided to force her to say/show it by using his fire alice on them? And then when Mikan jumped at him, they showed this big explosion that went straight up and then dissipate d throughout the forest?

At first when I was young, my cousin and I thought her alice was like water or air or sth because it was such a big explosion that it must have created some big ass smoke or sth. But then later on the episodes, we found out that Mikan’s alice was Nullification and what happened was that she simply just ‘nullified’ Natsume’s Alice.

But then, how come there was such a big explosion? I mean when Mikan uses her Alice after that episode and many more, it didn’t really have that much visible effect. I mean sure, you show a big explosion so you can give a tense atmosphere or sth but at the end, after knowing the alice it’s kinda like mehh. What was that gonna do.

It would have been much better, if really, during that explosion, they could have like included a scene showing the extent of Mikan’s alice. Like since the explosion dissipated throughout, anybody within that region it dispersed through had their alice nullified too and they could have showed people doing some magic shit and when the explosion happened, maybe all shit they’re tryna levitate or makesth, it all drops or stops working. Then maybe that could have like showed more of Mikan’s potential from the start and maybe foreshadowed atleast the dangers of her having the Nullification Alice that she could basically make all the people in that academy become ordinary.

I don’t know man, I’m like watching Ep 4 again and it just got me thinking. Just felt weird, why the explosion just to nullify one person’s alice?

If you’ve read the manga, Mikan’s alice tend to give off an explosion-like impact whenever she uses it. Moreover her alice shape is intermittent (i.e.can only be used for a short period at any time, but at a relatively high power level.) Thus high consumption = massive impact.

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Hey! So I was wondering if you knew where I could read My Disneyland Romance by Vanilla Coated Love? Because I'm pretty sure it's no longer on Fanfiction. I'd really love to read the fanfic again :)
- infinite-sangster
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Turns out it’s not as decent as I thought ;-; the plot’s so confusing gahhh.. It’s still good though… BUT I shall continue my search for THE GA continuation fanfic~ c:< Here’s the link anyway… I’l be sure to let you know if I find another one ^^

Paradoxes Undone by The Dangerous Abilities


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