Not only did the almighty Ch.180 reunite our precious babies but also gathered our beloved OTPs //cries

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Look over there! Seems like it’s going to be a scene of bloodshed..!

What a cute scene of bloodshed that is…

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I wanna ask is mikan's alice temporary now? (end of the manga) since she only have a tiny fragment in her and could only use it for a while and has to wait for it to be amplified before she could use it again? is that the stealing/insertion alice or is that the nullification alice?
- seraphicharm

As far as I know, that fragment of an alice stone could only make her wiped-out memories come back. She has been a non-alice since it ran out and forever will be.

However, I’m quite positive the alice stone fragment contains nullification alice since she hadn’t discovered her stealing/insertion alice when she made it and gave it to Natsume.

I know, my answer is crappy so I swear to get back to you when I find any clarifications or other info.

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I'm just holding on so dearly to the hope that there will be a sequel to GA because the last chapter came out early 2014 (March??). So hopefully that means Higuichi Tachibana is still in the process of creating the sequel. //hoping with all my heart// (>人<;)
- Anonymous

You’re hopelessly and terribly mistaken, chum. GA Ch.180 was released on 20th June last year.

And no sequel, no plans at all.

C’mere let me hug you tho.

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Hi!! I was wondering if Higuchi Tachibana's newest work after GA will be translated to English and be posted on mangafox?
- Anonymous

Uh-oh. Here we go again. Honestly, I don’t know. I’d like you to directly ask the scanlators but I have a feeling they don’t have a solid answer to that right now. Not to mention that Higuchi’s sensei’s new series hasn’t even released yet. So I think it’s pretty early to expect it to pop out soon on MangaFox or any other manga-hosting sites as of now.

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i actually know why devil's contract got taken down. cuz it was plagarising another story/fanfiction called the devil wears prada by Wanderer of the Roads. It's a harry potter fanfiction featuring draco malfoy and Hermione Granger. The proof is on the profile of wanderer of the roads, go see it and judge it. i was so disappointed :(
- Anonymous



Okay. I just read Wanderer of the Road’s statement on their profile including the evidence of plagiarism against MHR.

It frigging fits so well that I don’t know what to say. Really.

It just hurts. Right in the kokoro.

P.S. bi3n3nstich you gotta see this.

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Characters studying in a boarding school?:)
- Anonymous
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This indicates a new series by Higuchi-sensei confirming our earlier speculations. According to Kira.,the brilliant mangaka seems bewildered by the storyboard from her recent tweets. What kind of author gets bewildered by her own plot anyway? That got us curious as hell, alright.

Anyone fluent in Japanese to English here? Twitpic caption:  


On another note, we finally found out the title of Higuchi’s one-shot serialized in the Hana to Yume 7th issue on March 5thTegami or Letter. Thanks to Kira..

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You know, I actually still cannot believe that I ship Mikan and Natsume cause now I look back at it they're so freakin young like wtf why did I ship them they're just Romeo and Juliet tragedy waiting to happen
- whostolemypanda

Well at least their families aren’t against each other like Romeo and Juliet, quite the opposite actually. Hmmm… I guess the initial reason we started shipping these star-crossed lovers was because we’re looking forward how they’ll change each other’s lives (oblivious to the fact that we just dug our own graves).

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Really love your blog xD I'm a huge fan of NatsuMikan. Can you translate the Memorial book into English for me and all GA fans , pleaseeeeeee *puppy eyes* I really want to read all of it in English
- dongnghi95

You’re requesting like I’m some remarkably skilled professional who is able to translate Japanese to English in just a blink of an eye. Well if you actually thought of me like that, you’re terribly mistaken.

If I could understand Japanese characters, I would’ve already translated the memorial scans like whooosh and reported to you every single thing in Higuchi’s blog that means kaboom! to the GA fandom.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the awesomesauce power to do so. We’ll just have to settle with what we have now and wait for a miracle translation like good children that we are.

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so you ship hotaruxluca?
- Anonymous


Who doesn’t, anyway?

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Do you know any anime with the same story as Gakuen Alice?
- Anonymous

We all know that GA has a unique awesome story so I can only give you something that’s quite close to it. But “same story” description is still kind of broad category for me.

For starters, same story as GA could mean:

characters in elementary school
characters studying in a boarding school
supernatural genre
atmosphere starts off as light but turns dark eventually
lessons on friendship
includes mild fluff/romance scenes
tragedy mixed with comedic relief
refreshing humor

As I said before, GA is a lot of things. Maybe choosing specific characteristics would help.

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will there ever be a sequal to GA and when is Higuchi Tachibana new series coming out????
- Anonymous

NO SEQUEL. Move on, dear.

As for the new series, I think it won’t be out soon. It seemed like Higuchi-sensei is still in the early stages of making it. We don’t have a clue yet what the manga will be all about or even the title. I’ll immediately post something when I come across anything regarding this, don’t worry.

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